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The whole concept of a honeymoon is basically that it is your first big adventure as newlyweds. It’s all about celebration and excitement for you life together and all that comes with it. The perfect place for a honeymoon is usually somewhere romantic or somewhere that is special to the both of you making the experience just that much better.

The importance of honeymoons

Honeymoons are an important mark of the beginning of the couples romantic life as husband and wife. It helps them to forget about all the stress of the wedding they have just endured and to just breeze into the fact that they are now married. 

It is a time to detach yourself from everything and everyone and to truly remember the reason you got married in the first place. Weddings can really take its toll on couples so the honeymoon is that phase where you both just really get to let go and be with one another - life and all it entails aside. It is also a great opportunity to make memories that will carry you through your entire lifetime so, make it count! 

When is the right time for a honeymoon?

One very strange thing we’ve seen is a couple going on a honeymoon BEFORE their wedding. Although it is not usually done this way - it is something that can be done. It is a nice way to cool off and relax before your wedding day.

The norm is usually to go on your honeymoon straight after the wedding but a lot of couples decide to save up for another year so that they can go on the honeymoon of their dreams. A wedding is a very expensive affair and sometimes just a little gap is needed to fill up the savings bank again.

Honeymoons are a very happy and relaxing experience. It gives couples a chance to break free from all the noise and the pressures of family and friends constantly fussing about and to truly let it sink in that you are now transitioning into a married couple.