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Ghost chairs:

With the ever expanding wedding scene and trends beyond your wildest childhood dreams, the recent decor options range from seating your guests in elaborate wing chairs to rustic hay bales. But if modern seating with a twist is what you desire, ghost chairs are the perfect choice — by far one of the best trends to hit the wedding scene thusfar. 

With a range of shapes and sizes, ghost chairs are an adaptable, timeless and convenient option for any wedding. 

Its transparency adds a beautiful natural edge to outdoor weddings, allowing the surrounding colours of the venue to, so perfectly, shine through.

As a result of its contemporary yet timeless features, it works as well in traditional as it does in modern settings.

At the seated dinner receptions, overly complicated chairs and table decor can easily make a room look cluttered and dirty. 

Although ghost chairs provide just as much seated comfort and space as a normal sized chair, they seem to brighten up a dark and heavy room like few other pieces of wedding furniture can, making a reception space, which feels greatly less cluttered, a much more graceful area.

Ghost chairs are so versatile, recent trends have seen them even adding a whimsical twist to rustic or alternative looks. 


Candles are often overlooked, but they transform the atmosphere of a room in no time. Be it to alter the mood throughout the venue or create a memorable centerpiece, candles will do the job. 

Being associated with romance, candles naturally make for the best wedding room decorations, and are a perfect fit when it comes to taking that step up to a warm and welcome reception area. Whether its plain white candles in elegant golden holders to an elaborate red candled staircase to light up a double volume room, candles are your best friend when it comes to setting the mood. Add this touch to your venue and see it change from clinical to cordial in no time!

Tree Stumps

We are obsessed with this rustic touch that has taken the wedding scene by storm. Use candle and tree stump pillars in different shapes and sizes for that perfectly imperfect look. Incorporate elements of green, flowers, even a touch of forest moss to create a ceremony altar that will have you thinking of wonderland. Even better, if you can’t decide between in- and outdoors, this simple addition to your indoor reception can satisfy the nature lover within you, without having to move the entire event outside. 

Metal Screen Backdrop

Metal screen backdrops are the essential meeting point of modern whimsical meets industrial chic trends. With blush hues of rose and sweeps of light green, votive candles give this thick backdrop a surprising flair. The perfect backdrop for your vows during the ceremony and a versatile element to any table in need of a unique touch. 

Mixed and Matched

Why stick to one type of candle when you can use all the types you desire to add that imperfect beauty to a completely symmetrical room? —  combining different candles for an eclectic, ensemble effect to your venue. 

Floating Centerpieces

Floating centerpieces with candles as their focal point definitely add a wow factor! Use some geometric patterned vessels or bright coloured flowers to embody various of the best wedding trends. To ensure no harm is done, modern innovation provides the option of using ultra-realistic flameless candles, leaving no room for the damage of flames or candle wax for the concerned wedding planners.  

Tall Candelabras

A special backdrop created using ground candelabras, draped fabrics of your desire and floral details brings a European, Old World theme to your ceremony. This idea is absolutely perfect to use at a stately mansion or fairytale castle wedding venue. Oh so romantic! 

Accent Wall

Floral pillars and groups of glowing candles organised at a focal point or used as a cover up is all it takes for an easy transformation or a bland wall or dead corner. If your aim is keeping the rest of your decor as minimalistic as possible, this is one of the best ways to make sure all eyes will be drawn to a single point in the room (or away from another). 

Glass Orbs

Want floating candles but they aren’t modern enough? Try tea lights in glass orbs suspended from a sea of elegant greens. This idea is simply perfect for couples who love chic, modern styles, or if you’re going for a minimalist wedding theme with clean elements that don’t look lazy. 

Table Runner

Ditch the tall, over-complicated floral pieces and opt for a simple runner of greenery with monochromatic flowers and taper candles to perfect the look. This alternative to traditional centerpieces is both classic and inviting, while placing the attention on your well thought out candle placings. 


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