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Can’t decide between burgers, tacos, waffles, fish and pizza? Why not get them all? With food truck weddings you can make all your foodie dreams come true this season. It’s a bohemian, free spirited style and everyone can walk around with their little tappas and socialise with eachother. The more things more away from 

traditional weddings the more we’re discovering all these whimsical wedding themes.

Cherry Glamping: Where luxury meets nature. Be immersed in nature and fi ll your lungs with fresh air and contentment. Sit down, unwind and take in all the beautiful views Elgin has on offer. Leave your busy city life at home and come and set your soul to rest while being surrounded by loved ones and nothing but festivity.


This space is the perfect place to embrace its surroundings making spectacular backdrops for your wedding photos. If its a forest wedding you’re after, then look no further because we’ve got the perfect place for you and your guests. There is no venue fee if guests stay over, only a per head fee for guests not staying over.

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HORSES!​​​​​​​ All you need to know about adding your horse into your big day.​​​​​​​

Anyone who owns a horse will understand that having your horse be a part of your wedding day will honestly just be the best thing ever! You’ll be surprised how many different ways there are to turn your wedding into a ‘horsey’ wedding and we absolutely love them all to bits. It is the perfect element to turn your beautiful boho wedding into the perfect fairytale. Horses are very regal animals and represent a sort of gracefulness and elegance making them the perfect addition to your wedding. It’s dramatic, it’s different and it’s a must-do for any horse lovers.

It’s all about the entrance:

Be your most dramatic self and start with a bang by entering in the most unique way possible. We recommend a horse and carriage dressed in your wedding colours and textures and draped in your favorite flowers. You could even go as far as matching the colour of the horses pulling the carriage to your wedding colours!

Another grand entrance we love would be to ride in side saddle on a horse of your choice, colour and breed. How about a big black Fresian to compliment your white or off-white wedding dress and make you stand out the way you deserve to? Put some flowers in the horses hair or ‘dress’ him / her up the way you want to to match your style.

A magical photo shoot:

You will have the most amazing boho / fairytale wedding photos if you choose to incorporate some horses in to your photos. You can sit on them, stand between them in a field, stand next to a horse and interact with it, the possibilities are endless! A good tip would be to get to know the horse a couple days before your wedding day so you both feel comfortable around each other to get the best photos. If you want to sit on the horse for your photos then make sure the horse has been properly groomed so you don’t end up with a black dress or you could get a boho looking rug to sit on and it’ll add to your boho theme.

Wedding venue - stable yard:

Having your wedding at a beautiful stable yard will create such a nice atmosphere and you and your guests will be surrounded by horses - perfect!

Turn it into a show:

How about putting on a bit of a show while your guests are arriving? You could use anything from dressage to lippizaners putting on a show. In our opinion, even having a herd of horses in a field that guests can interact with is a show on its own and your guests will absolutely love it. How about someone doing a show jumping course for your guests to watch? Any of these will be amazing because horses in general are just such good entertainment to watch.

Pony rides for the kids:

Keeping the children busy on the day has always been quite a tricky task so why not hire someone to do some pony rides? It’s perfect and the kids will be perfectly safe with an adult who knows what they’re doing and has done this sort of thing before. It’s the perfect entertainment and it will add to the fairytale theme of your boho theme.

Horse / pony - ring-bearer:

This is one of our absolute favourites! Dress a horse or a pony up to match your weddings theme and maybe add some flowers you have used in your venue into their manes or tails to match your theme and let them be led in by either a flower girl or one of your wedding party members while they have your rings strapped to them somehow. Make sure you pick a horse that has a good temperament and won’t spook and run off with your rings still attached to them, now that would be an absolute disaster! So choose wisely for the sake of your wedding.