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​​​​​​​This section of your wedding definitely isn’t a must but it sure will help if people know who will sit where and avoid any awkward encounters among your guests. It will also help make things a little easier for your waiters and catering staff if they need to know who is vegan, etc. so a lot of the venues actually have a set rule for a seating chart.

We’ve set aside some things to keep in mind when creating your seating chart:

  1. Decide on table shapes.
  2. Put your friends close to you.
  3. Decide where you parents will sit.
  4. Get your parents to help with seating.
  5. Use groups to divide guests up.
  6. Make a separate table for kids.
  7. Don’t make a singles table.
  8. Keep the room shape in mind.
  9. Create a digital chart.
  10. Create a printed chart.
  11. Always have a back-up plan.
  12. Let table cards be clear and big.
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Seating Charts

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