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Tasting – this is the fun part!

You honestly need to try as many different cakes and flavors as you can. Be adventurous and try something that you would not usually. After all, how will you know what you are serving your guests if you have not tried it yourself? It is also 

advised that you personally meet the person who is making your wedding cake to ensure they capture the exact essence of what you want.

What style wedding cake are you going to have?

As always, consider the theme of your wedding – will the cake fit into that? DO you want a classic or modern cake? How many tiers should it have (if you are going that route). These are all things to consider when picking the style of your wedding cake.

Saving on the cake cost

Cupcakes are a fun alternative to a wedding cake. They can even be tiny bite sized ones that are decorated with fresh flowers and fruit in between them. This is a modern twist on the classic wedding cake.

Choose the right frosting

Buttercream generally tastes better than fondant but can be tricky as it tends to melt, especially if you are going to get married in the summer months. Consider in which season you are getting married before you choose your frosting. 

The Cake Display

Most likely your cake will be one of the features at your wedding. Make sure it looks stunning – present it as elegantly as possible. Make sure the table shape correlates with the shape of your cake and that the tablecloth is beautifully draped. It is a lot of fun ‘dressing your cake up’. You could use flowers around it, ribbons or simply beautiful colors around it. 

About the Delivery

Make sure that if you are getting your cake professionally made, you and the baker are on the same page with regards to when the cake should be delivered, what the delivery cost will be and what you expect from them. This will make for smooth sailing all the way to your dream wedding cake.

A creative spin on wedding cakes

Like we mentioned earlier, it is important to make your wedding cake look great with beautiful table cloths and all the bits and bobs surrounding it, but it is also important to consider if you are going to have a wedding cake that reflects the personalities of you and your partner. 

Are you going to have a classic white tiered wedding cake with a figurine of a bride and groom on top? Or will you and your partner opt for a more modern spin on the old school wedding cake?

With all the new cake trends out there why not spice it up a little? How about a stunning bedazzled wedding cake? or a colorful one that tied in with the shades of your wedding décor? The possibilities are endless! Have fun with this one and try to use this opportunity to reflect the personalities of you and your partner in the cake.

The cutting of the wedding cake

This age-old tradition is as much a part of your special wedding celebration as the something new and something blues are. 

When you and your partner cut the cake try to slice a small piece – that way you will both be able to take a bite but not get it everywhere so your photos are filled with you and your true love…and lots of messy cake. 

Your guests are most likely looking forward to eating the delicious creation they have been staring at all night so make sure you choose flavors that are going to taste even better than they look. Remember to keep in mind that every guest will often want a slice of cake and that when you are ordering the cake you should definitely over cater than under cater especially for those guests. 

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