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  • Flowers as decor in more ways: backdrops, on your dress and even draped across your table.
  • Big, dramatic flower installations are a definite yes this season, the bigger the better!
  • Layers and layers of textures are taking table layouts to another level this season.
  • Want your favourite flowers everywhere you look? WEAR THEM. 
  • You heard us, wear a flower crown or put them all over your dress. Get creative!
  • Lighting has moved from only being a practical element to being part of the design and charm.
  • Ruffles have made a comeback. Ruffled wedding gowns have taken us all by storm.
  • You’ll be surprised how effective it can be to use one type of flower in bulk. 
  • Velvet is the new black. Velvet everything is very trendy at the moment.
  • The more overgrown and green the better this year. Lush green settings are the way to go.
  • Another trend going beyond the traditional weddings this year is colourful suits on the groom.
  • Sleeves, sleeves, sleeves! The more bizarre the better.
  • When it comes to your music choices, think alternative summery music styles.
  • Eco friendly wedding favours and other elements like straws and confetti. Think about the planet.

The classical look with conservative colour schemes is definitely a thing of the past. This summer is all about. A more dramatic colour scheme and fashion that seems to push all boundries is what all weddings are adopting and we absolutely love it! Different is better.Lorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry

Bridal Fashion Trends

  • Wedding dresses with sleeves
  • Simple wedding dresses
  • Robe Wedding Dresses (Robe wedding dresses are long robe-like silhouettes with long sleeves and a wrap around style.)

Catering Trends


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